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Tips about using Tableau to maximize the value from your data. Learn how to make beautiful data visualizations that actually mean something.

How to add real-time collaboration to Tableau Server

A key part of realizing the value of your hard work building great views in Tableau is sharing and collaborating with others on them. This has historically been difficult without expensive or complex “enterprise” software packages. Today I would like to show you how to embed a real-time collaboration feature to your Tableau Server using […]

Make beautiful charts using Google Docs and Tableau (pt.1 Automation)

Excel runs the world. Let me rephrase…Excel RUNS the WORLD. Okay, now that we’re in agreement, Google Spreadsheets are the Stephen Baldwin of the spreadsheet world yet are gaining popularity. The only real benefit I can see from them is the easy online collaboration and price (eg. free ninety-nine). That said, Google Spreadsheets are awful […]

Data Analysis Fundamentals with Tableau

Learn how to truly derive insight from your data using Tableau Software’s powerful visual analytics and business intelligence platform. The cleanest most accurate data sources in the world are useless if no one can see and understand them. In this course I go into detail showing you how to use Tableau’s powerful platform for visual […]

Consumer Confidence Visualized…correctly

Recently NASDAQ OMX released their NASDAQ Economic Calendar Reports on Facebook. One of these reports attempted to explain that consumer confidence rose 6% month-over-month in July 2012. Unfortunately the visualization was so poorly designed that this information is almost impossible to extract. Thankfully for you, I have taken the liberty to visualize this data using […]