MoPal Elastic Search Query Tool

Have mounds of data buried away in Elastic Search where your favorite query tool, Tableau, can't reach it? Have no fear, MoPal is here!

MoPal is a simple PHP app which allows you to execute Elastic Search queries (if you can call them that) and save the results to comma separate values (.csv) files. I use this at Mozilla to run ad-hoc queries against our Elastic Search cluster an export the results so I may analyze them in Tableau. This ad-hoc analysis is my first step in developing new analysis. It allows me to test if the data I'm asking our engineering team for will in fact be valuable once loaded into our data warehouse (Vertica).

Below are screenshots of the tool, feel free to reach out if you end up giving this a shot with any feedback or questions.

Download from GitHub here: github.com/bsullins/MoPal



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  1. Very nice, Ben. I just started building out a project with ElasticSearch (which I am really impressed with btw) and was considering building a similar “Tableau connector” of sorts for the same reasons. Thank you kindly, sir!

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