Data Analysis Fundamentals with Tableau

Learn how to truly derive insight from your data using Tableau Software's powerful visual analytics and business intelligence platform.

The cleanest most accurate data sources in the world are useless if no one can see and understand them. In this course I go into detail showing you how to use Tableau's powerful platform for visual analysis and business intelligence to do just that, help your audience see and understand their data like never before. You'll learn how to connect to many data sources at once, enhance them with calculations and metrics, then display them using proper information design techniques. Prepare to become a Data Rockstar!

Here's a preview if I've sparked your interest (see below for a link to the full course):

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  1. Hi there, great question! In this course I bring together my years using Tableau and background in the Business Intelligence industry to deliver a comprehensive program that in only a few hours will give users the skills they need to use Tableau at a practical level. I also include many tips and tricks I’ve learned along the way which you won’t find in any of the official training videos currently. Hope this helps and I’d love to hear any feedback you have on the content of the course.


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