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Tips about using Tableau to maximize the value from your data. Learn how to make beautiful data visualizations that actually mean something.

Delivering WOW through Data

Tony Hseih, CEO of, wrote in his book Delivering Happiness that their first objective is to Deliver WOW through Service. In the book he described a parody of <a href=””s_hierarchy_of_needs” target=”_blank”>Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for delivering WOW. At the bottom layer you have Meeting Expectations…in BI this is like replacing the reports users already […]

Finding your Tableau Server PostgreSQL database port

Ever have issues connecting to your Tableau Server PostgreSQL database due to a port issue? If so, you’re not alone! I too have struggled with this before and after hitting it just the second time I did some digging and fond how to determine the port of the Tableau Server PostgreSQL database. Here you go: […]

How to add an ‘All’ parameter option in Tableau

Ever wanted to include an ‘All’ option in your Tableau parameters? Simple! Here’s how: Create your parameter with the options available. In this example I’m creating one for [Region]. Make sure to manually add the ‘ALL’ option. Drag the corresponding field you will be filtering on to the filters shelf Right click on the field […]

Customizing Tableau Server Logos and Icons

When deploying Tableau Server for a client, I often find that clients wish to customize their Tableau Server environment with their own branding. The Tableau Server Administration Guide offers some options for customizing Tableau Server however it is limited in what it allows. Here are the default options that you can customize using tabadmin commands […]

Amazon EC2 Hosting and Tableau

Recently I started working with the Amazon EC2 (more) and have been pleasantly surprised. In about 20 minutes I was able to create my own Windows 2008 R2 Data Center Edition Server in the cloud with enough space to run Tableau Server. Choosing one of the basic configurations from Amazon makes life easy to provision […]