This page serves to convey how I approach ethics in my content businesses.

YouTube Sponsorships

On YouTube, I have built a brand of telling stories using data that help people to live a more sustainable life. In that quest, I've gathered a group of intelligent and thoughtful people that want to understand the world better, not through gimmicks, but through facts.

When I choose a sponsor to share their message with these folks I must insist on the integrity of that brand and ensure that nothing shared is influencing my opinion in any way of the subjects I cover. This has led me to work with brands far from my niche so there is no confusion as to my content bias.

For Brands:

  1. Your brand message must be genuine and free of gimmicks or psychological tricks to scam people out of money.
  2. Your product or service must be good and highly rated online.
  3. I will have my team vet your product or service before ever taking a look at it
  4. I will not spend weeks trying a product or service for the promise of a longer-term partnership
  5. You may review the sponsor portion of a video prior to me publishing said video
  6. You may not have any say whatsoever, nor have any editorial review of the video in which your brand message is appearing. If you do not trust me to produce “brand-safe” content, please find someone else to work with.
  7. If your message suggests my audience gets some exclusive deal, it must actually be exclusive otherwise you will be banned from working with us
  8. For a dedicated video about your product or service, we must determine first the suitability of the product or service and try it out in advance. We may charge a fee for the opportunity for your brand to be featured on our channel in such a manner.
  9. You may suggest a timeline for when your brand message gets shared however our content calendar will not be influenced by this. You will need to fit within our content schedule or you may choose to find someone else to share your message.

Types of Brands I Will NOT Work with:

  • Tobacco
  • Adult related
  • Gambling
  • Politics
  • Life Coaching

For my audience:

  • Your trust is the most valuable aspect of my business and what I hold in the highest regard
  • To the best of my human ability, never will I be compromised in my view on a subject which I cover due to a brand's payment
  • I will always share the truth of any brand I work with, which is why I'm highly selective in which brands I choose
  • If you ever feel I've violated your trust in this way please email me directly at ben_at_bensullins.com


This is a living document that will be updated periodically as I continue on this path. Please check back if you ever have questions.

Last updated Feb 28, 2023