Instant Search for Tableau Server in Firefox

Recently, a friend and colleague from across the pond, Craig Bloodworth, created a plugin for Google's Chrome browser that gave you direct access to your Tableau Server. Now I prefer to use a browser that has my back (eg. Firefox) and I wanted to achieve similar functionality as well. So, with that I looked to one of my favorite Firefox plugins InstantFox.

By simply adding a new custom “search engine” pointed at your Tableau Server, you now get an instant search of your Tableau Server views. Here's how:

  1. Install InstantFox plugin for Firefox
  2. Add a custom search engine
  3. instant-fox-tableau-search

  4. Now to use it, Open a new tab, enter “t <search term>” and viola! Instant search of your Tableau Server

Not using Firefox? Switch back to the browser that has your back! Download here: getfirefox.com

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