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How to add real-time collaboration to Tableau Server

A key part of realizing the value of your hard work building great views in Tableau is sharing and collaborating with others on them. This has historically been difficult without expensive or complex “enterprise” software packages. Today I would like to show you how to embed a real-time collaboration feature to your Tableau Server using […]

How to search your Facebook posts

I’m a huge fan and user of Facebook. I use it for both work and personal reasons. As such, I tend to post a lot of information there that I would love to be able to later reference or retrieve. Unfortunately, this is not possible today, not even with Graph Search. I live my tech […]

Customizing Tableau Server Logos and Icons

When deploying Tableau Server for a client, I often find that clients wish to customize their Tableau Server environment with their own branding. The Tableau Server Administration Guide offers some options for customizing Tableau Server however it is limited in what it allows. Here are the default options that you can customize using tabadmin commands […]