Finding Tableau Server User Permissions

Part of the challenge with building a custom interface for Tableau Server is finding Tableau Server user permissions. In building a custom view a year or so ago I ran into this and did some reverse engineering of the Tableau Server user permissions inside the PostgreSQL database.

Here is the code, do what you wish with it but be careful as access directly to these tables isn’t supported by Tableau.

view-permissions.sql on github

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  • Steve Lloyd

    Ben, your permissions.sql link no longer works. Can you take a look?

    • Thanks Steve, I updated the link, hope this helps!

      • Steve Lloyd

        Tons! Thanks so much.

  • Vishwanath

    Ben Sullins , The query is not returning correct data after upgrading to 10.1 , do we need to make any changes for the query to support 10 and above versions.