How to search your Facebook posts

I'm a huge fan and user of Facebook. I use it for both work and personal reasons. As such, I tend to post a lot of information there that I would love to be able to later reference or retrieve. Unfortunately, this is not possible today, not even with Graph Search.

I live my tech life by the motto “never accept the defaults” and as a result I have found a way to combine a few different apps/services together to allow me to do search on my facebook posts. Futhermore, using FireFox I can even do an ‘instant search' through this data. Here's how:

  1. Go sign up for Cloud Magic and add your Facebook account (this indexes all your posts).
  2. If you haven't already, switch back to using FireFox. You'll thank me later for that one.
  3. Install the add on Instant Fox
  4. Add a shortcut via the Instant Fox toolbar by clicking the ‘Add' button inside the Instant Fox fly-out (click the magnifying glass) Here's what I added, feel free to customize: cloudmagic.com/a/v2/search#category=post&account_group=facebook&query=%q
  5. Instant Fox Facebook Shortcut

  6. Now open a new tab, enter “f <some text>” and watch the magic as you get instant search results of your Facebook posts.


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