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Make beautiful charts using Google Docs and Tableau (pt.1 Automation)

Excel runs the world. Let me rephrase…Excel RUNS the WORLD. Okay, now that we’re in agreement, Google Spreadsheets are the Stephen Baldwin of the spreadsheet world yet are gaining popularity. The only real benefit I can see from them is the easy online collaboration and price (eg. free ninety-nine). That said, Google Spreadsheets are awful […]

Delivering WOW through Data

Tony Hseih, CEO of, wrote in his book Delivering Happiness that their first objective is to Deliver WOW through Service. In the book he described a parody of <a href=””s_hierarchy_of_needs” target=”_blank”>Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for delivering WOW. At the bottom layer you have Meeting Expectations…in BI this is like replacing the reports users already […]

Microsoft Healthcare User Group Presentation

Wow, what a day yesterday. Gave a presentation at the Microsoft Healthcare User Group Conference with Rick Garcia of Methodist hospital to two completely packed rooms. Funny thing, Rick and I had no clue we were supposed to be using the microphones because there was another room full of attendees that obviously couldn’t hear us […]

Using Excel 2007 files as a Source in SSIS 2005

Thanks to “jaegd” for his post here:… on how to accomplish this. Below please find some more details along w/ a example which can be downloaded here (ssis-2005-excel-2007-source-example). Steps Create new OLEDB Connection by right clicking on the Connection Manager tray Chose any valid type or value for the connection and click okay Rename the […]