New Course: Big Data Analytics with Tableau

Teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience has always been a passion of mine. Back to the days when I was coaching lunchtime workouts in San Diego to present where I enjoy regular speaking engagements at user groups and conferences. The latest way in which I want to share my knowledge and experience with the world is through Pluralsight.com

Pluralsight is the leader in online training for developers and IT folk alike. If you've never heard of them you will soon! They provide a huge library of online training content developed by folks like myself whom live and breathe our subject matter. In my case, I live and breathe data. This should be apparent by the title of this blog 🙂

So today I'm announcing my first course on Pluralsight “Big Data Analytics with Tableau

Below is summary of the course, I would love to hear your feedback after viewing the course. I hope you enjoy it!

Big Data Analytics with Tableau:
business-intelligence-v3Analyzing terabytes of data can be daunting, so what do you do with petabytes? In this course I explain the evolution of Big Data systems, as well as, the various architectures and popular vendors in this space. After covering the fundamentals of Big Data systems I cover how to access these systems using Tableau Software. Using Tableau Software I will show how to work with your Big Data and visualize in ways that will leave your boss singing your praise. Check out the TOC by clicking here. Please tell me what you think about the course by posting here, on the course discussion forum, or on twitter. I hope you enjoy it!

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