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  1. Great read. Bring Kindness back to Open Source, by :

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  3. Weekend, meet your free course. This is Linux Fundamentals, the perfect prep for the exam. Expires 3/16:

  4. Use and SVG to produce animated, configurable pie charts, gauges, and bar graphs. New course:

  5. Is your code ready for Daylight Savings Time this weekend? Review date and time fundamentals in 's course:

  6. That's a wrap on - thanks & ! See all the happenings here:

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    A10: Probably the clusters. I'm gonna hit up for some budget

  8. Q10: For our last question, what’s the coolest thing you’ve seen come out of ?

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    A9. I suppose Swarm scheduling strategies like spread and random are a form of load balancing

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    A9: This guide will walk through Swarm with either HAProxy or NGINX. (2/2)

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    A9: Not built into swarm directly (today). But, there are many choices available from partners (1/2)

  12. Q9: Is there load balancing in Swarm?

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    A8. I reckon going fwd you'd be CRAZY not to use container networking (overlay). But not a pre-req for Swarm

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    : A8: Not essential, but it simplifies things and adds a ton of flexibility to your application design

  15. Q8: Is it essential to use docker overlay networking?

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    A7. At DockerCon last year they demo'd Swarm with (I think) 1,000 AWS instances. Albeit not real-world

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    A7: In nov we showed 1k nodes, & we released an upadate earlier this week:

  18. Q7: Is Swarm scalable?

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    A6. I'd say that Docker Data Center leverages the power of Swarm for it's scheduling etc.

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    A6: Swarm is a key component of DDC. DDC provides a power GUI to manage & monitor Swarm Clusters

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