Tableau Tip: Embedding a Dashboard in a Dashboard

In this Tableau Tip I will show you how to embed a dashboard in another dashboard. Why would you want to do this? Will it create a rip in the Space-time continuum? (no promises on the 2nd one)

Embedding a dashboard in another dashboard will let you do interesting things like give your users a tabbed view with additional insights. If you're a purist this could be considered blasphemy however in our modern times our users demand more and my recommendation is to give them what they want (most times)!

Basic Flow:

  1. Publish a workbook w/ 2 (or more) tabs you want to embed into another dashboard
  2. Get the share URL of that viz and add &:toolbar=no to the end of it
  3. Put a new web page object on your dashboard and paste in this URL


  • Use Tableau Server or Tableau Online. Tableau Public will retain the branding on the bottom regardless of what you do.
  • Set your embedded viz's to fill the entire screen, otherwise it might not give you the resolution you want when embedded
  • Use this power wisely


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  1. Ben,

    Thanks for this great tip and video. I think this can help me do what I need to do, but am not sure. My goal is to have two dashboards side-by-side in one dashboard – they are identical, but each has its own date-range filters, allowing side-by-side comparison over two different time periods. (Each dashboard contains many worksheets). So at 3;23 cin your video above (Tableau Tip: Embedding a Dashboard in a Dashboard) you seem to show exactly what I am looking for (before you close the “old” viz). If I don’t close the old viz, will this work for me, where I can have two side-by-side dashboards, each with its own independent date filters?



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