Makeover Monday: From Millions to Billions

This weeks makeover originates from Fleximize where they show how fast the top 21 richest entrepreneurs made it from millionaire to billionaire. The original viz is certainly interesting and offers great tidbits about each person. I really like how they coordiated all the colors and hover effects.

Original (src)

Millions to Billions - Original

The thing I wish this original viz had that it was missing was a way to compare these folks. I tend to want to focus on comparison a lot when I'm building data visualizations. Even if it's a single number you can compare it to prior periods, think Year over Year earnings.


*click for full-size version
Millions to Billions - Makeover

In my makeover I simplified the viz to a single plot that shows how fast and how far each entrepreneur went. If 0 is the starting point where they all hit that millionaire status, how long did it then take them to reach a billion, and how much did they actually earn.

An interesting finding in my makeover was how rich Bill Gates really is. I was also surprised to learn that Jeff Bezos net worth is more than that of Mark Zuckerberg, although Mark did achieve this faster than anyone in history.

What do you think? Post your thoughts in the comments below. All feedback is welcome!

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