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How Data Conquered Tech

  Background As the saying goes, “if sales are the air a company breathes, then data is the blood running through its veins.” At least that’s how I remember the saying. That’s because, for decades in business or organizations, data has been the underlying force that makes all of it possible. It’s basic because without […]

Data Warehousing | Introduction to the Pulsar Method

Data Warehousing using the Kimball Method For a long time now those of us specializing in the field of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing have used the Kimball Method for everything from modeling our data to capturing user needs. This is the method of Data Warehousing which focuses on modeling business processes into a series […]

Finding your Tableau Server PostgreSQL database port

Ever have issues connecting to your Tableau Server PostgreSQL database due to a port issue? If so, you’re not alone! I too have struggled with this before and after hitting it just the second time I did some digging and fond how to determine the port of the Tableau Server PostgreSQL database. Here you go: […]

Amazon EC2 Hosting and Tableau

Recently I started working with the Amazon EC2 (more) and have been pleasantly surprised. In about 20 minutes I was able to create my own Windows 2008 R2 Data Center Edition Server in the cloud with enough space to run Tableau Server. Choosing one of the basic configurations from Amazon makes life easy to provision […]

Full Device Encryption on Android 4.0

After upgrading my mobile device to the Nexus S from Google, I was poking around in the security settings when I found something new. Android 4.0 now has full-device encryption capabilities. This means that while enterprises wishing to gain the usefulness and beauty of information design presented by mobile BI vendors like Roambi but have […]

Microsoft Healthcare User Group Presentation

Wow, what a day yesterday. Gave a presentation at the Microsoft Healthcare User Group Conference with Rick Garcia of Methodist hospital to two completely packed rooms. Funny thing, Rick and I had no clue we were supposed to be using the microphones because there was another room full of attendees that obviously couldn’t hear us […]

Using Excel 2007 files as a Source in SSIS 2005

Thanks to “jaegd” for his post here:… on how to accomplish this. Below please find some more details along w/ a example which can be downloaded here (ssis-2005-excel-2007-source-example). Steps Create new OLEDB Connection by right clicking on the Connection Manager tray Chose any valid type or value for the connection and click okay Rename the […]