Full Device Encryption on Android 4.0

After upgrading my mobile device to the Nexus S from Google, I was poking around in the security settings when I found something new. Android 4.0 now has full-device encryption capabilities. This means that while enterprises wishing to gain the usefulness and beauty of information design presented by mobile BI vendors like Roambi but have been skeptical of data security now can rest at ease.

The full-device encryption and Android 4.0 isn’t easy however. Device owners must secure their device with a password or pin, so no fun face-unlock capabilities but for many used to dealing with corporate BlackBerrie’s I’m sure this is a minimal sacrifice.

After going to Settings > Security to enable encryption, you must provide a password or pin. The next step is for your device to reboot and encrypt all of its contents. During this time you’ll see the following screen:

This process will take about an hour. Once this process finishes you’ll now be required to enter your password to decrypt the device anytime you reboot it. Here is what that screen looks like:

That’s all I’ve got so far, I’ll update this post with more details as I get them. The main thing here, and reason I posted this is to draw attention to Android 4.0 device security for mobile BI vendors. Anyone serious about mobile BI and Data Security should start adopting this platform.