VizBin : Animated Tableau Dashboards without Coding

Today I'm announcing a new side project I stood up aimed at helping people create more compelling visual stories online. This project, VizBin, is a utility for you to use to create animated data visualizations using Tableau. You don't need to know how code, just how to make a Tableau viz and fill out a form. Here's the link and below you can find the backstory and step-by-step instructions on how to use this utility. Enjoy!

VizBin: Animated Tableau Dashboards


A while back I was challenged by a client to provide a similar animated experience you can find in Tableau Desktop using the Pages shelf, on the web. After some hacking, I figured a way to do that and published a blog on it here (Animate Your Tableau Dashboards on the Web).

I realize that not everyone in the Tableau community knows JavaScript so I wanted to make it possible for anyone to create these animated views without having to code. After you create the animation you'll see embed code and a fullscreen link below the viz for you to use however you like. To get started, follow these steps and enjoy!

Getting Started

  1. Create a viz on Tableau public that can be animated using a numeric parameter like so
  2. Visit the Create page and enter your info
  3. Enjoy your viz!


Embedded Example

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