Skills That Set Data Scientists Apart with Behfar Jahanshahi (Interworks)

Behfar Jahanshahi shares his insights into building one of the most awarded data consulting companies in the world and how they hire differently.

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0:01:07 What is Interworks
0:03:30 How Interworks structures it’s data team
0:06:27 What skills does Interworks look for in a Data Pro?
0:10:07 Standing out in an interview examples
0:12:24 Passing on a candidate despite a stellar resume
0:18:56 How to find your passion
0:24:55 Knowing when to quit your job
0:28:07 How to preserve your company culture as you grow
0:32:33 How to choose which tech to learn
0:37:43 What new data platforms should someone learn?
0:43:39 What is Data Science?
0:50:06 How to get hired in data