Rivian R1T First Drive – I ALMOST PASSED OUT!

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Today we look at the Rivian Electric Truck, the R1T and my trip off-roading in Colorado with them recently. Also check out my latest thoughts on the Ford electric truck here – www.youtube.com/watch?v=XqKkwNj8Nf0

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// What is the Rivian R1T?

The Rivian R1T is an all-electric pickup truck produced by the American company Rivian.[1] It is the first mass-produced electric pickup truck for the consumer market.[2][3]

The official EPA range for the Rivian R1T is 314 miles (505 km).[4]

Main article: Rivian

In September 2021, the company announced that the first “customer vehicle” (as opposed to pre-production vehicles manufactured earlier) rolled off the assembly line.[5]
Design and specifications

The drivetrain comprises two dual-motor units mounted on each axle (four motors in total).[6]

The power output of a Rivian R1T tested by journalists was 835 hp.[7] The manufacturer claims a 0-60 time of 3.0 seconds.[8]
Storage and towing
The Gear Tunnel (shown with right door open) provides additional storage space

The cargo bed is 4.5 ft long. Its width at the narrowest point, between the wheel wells, is 50 in.[9] The tow hitch is hidden behind a removable panel and the towing capacity is 11,000 lb (4,990 kg).

The “frunk” — located where the engine would be in a gasoline-powered truck — offers 11 cu ft of additional cargo space.

Another storage compartment is the 65-inch Gear Tunnel, which runs the width of the car and can be used for storing sports equipment.[9]

The vehicle has an air suspension which allows for 6.5 in (17 cm) of vertical travel — the ground clearance can be as low as 7.9 in (20 cm) or as high as 14.4 in (37 cm).[10] Depending on the wheel configuration, the maximum ground clearance can be even higher, at 14.9 in (38 cm).[11]

The wading depth is at least 3 ft (91 cm).[12]