Picking the Right Metrics with James Mayfield (Transform.co)

Building trust into the metrics your company use to guide their decision making is a difficult task. Former Facebook and AirBnB Data Product Manager James Mayfield shares his insights into why focusing on the metrics is the right path to take to enable trust in your companies data.

How to Connect with James:
– COMPANY WEBSITE: transform.co/
– EMAIL: [email protected]

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0:00:00 Intro
0:01:11 Working at Facebook in the Early Days
0:12:29 Developing Big Data Tools at Facebook
0:16:55 Transitioning to Analytics from Project Management
0:21:33 Building Data Tools at Facebook
0:24:42 How to chart your career path in data
0:29:52 Building Data Products at AirBnB
0:33:45 Why Metrics Should be the Focus
0:43:55 Where does Transform's Platform fit in to the modern data architecture
0:45:15 How to visualize the key metrics using Transform
0:47:13 How to version control your Metric definitions
0:50:16 Links for James