Looker: First Look

Looker—a powerful data analytics platform—can help both large and small companies glean value from their data. In this short course, get up to speed with Looker, and learn how to leverage this platform to make collecting, visualizing, and analyzing data a bit easier. Ben Sullins begins by explaining how and why Looker is used, and exploring the Looker ecosystem. He also dives into how Looker organizes its data using LookML, how to visualize data in the Looker platform, and how to create a web-based dashboard.

Topics Include:

  • What's Looker?
  • Taking Looker for a test drive
  • Exploring data in Looker
  • Creating expressions
  • Visualizing data in Looker
  • Building dashboards
  • Scheduling data deliveries and alerting

Duration: 47m 49s

Now available on LinkedIn Learning:

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