How to Integrate D3 and Tableau

I love Tableau but sometimes, it can't do everything I want it to. That's when I typically turn to D3. By being a natural web platform, D3 allows you to create anything you can imagine. I should mention though that D3, unlike Tableau, is not for the faint of heart. The amount of code you have to write to do something simple like adding a tooltip will make your head spin. With all things considered, sometimes there just is no other way to make your visual creation a reality.

Here's my recommendation for how to get the best of both of these worlds. Enjoy!


  1. Build your D3 viz and host it somewhere your Tableau users can access (I prefer github pages or bl.ocks.org)
  2. Create a Tableau Dashboard
  3. Add a web page object with the link to your D3 viz
  4. Enjoy!

Video Tutorial

Finished Example



  1. Is it possible to send any filter values to this url, so that viz in the url can be altered based on currently select filter value in tableau page?

  2. Hi ! I also have the same problem. Have you found a solution of your problem ???

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