How to Analyze Customer Feedback

In this tutorial, we're going to learn how to Analyze Customer Feedback is a key step in any good business strategy. From understanding customers needs to learning where issues might exist in your processes there is virtually an endless list of use cases for customer feedback. In this tutorial we're going take a look at how to build a form in Google Apps, then save that data to a Google Sheet, and finally analyze that data in Tableau.

Specifically, we're going to analyze some Net Promoter Score data with the ability to update on the web every hour. This way you can provide near real-time analysis of customer feedback data to your business all without having to write any code or set up any complex infrastructure.

When looking to analyze customer feedback there are a few mechanisms we need to setup first. In order to accomplish this task, we'll need:

  • An input method, preferably web based
  • A data storage location (we'll use Google Sheets)
  • An Analytics and Intelligence platform (we'll use Tableau)

In prevoius versions of Tableau this was still possible, but required many more steps, including python and CSV files. However, with the release of Tableau version 10, you can now directly connect to our data store, Google Sheets. This opens up a whole host of opportunities to automate and simplify your data ecosystem, especially for things like analyzing customer feedback and net promoter scores.


  1. Create Google Form to capture feedback
  2. Save responses to Google Sheet
  3. Build Tableau viz using Google Sheet as source
  4. Setup auto-refresh on Tableau Server



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