Giving Computers Vision with Satya Mallick (OpenCV)

Computer Vision is a popular field of Artificial Intelligence that enables applications such as facial recognition and self-driving cars. In this episode we hear from Dr. Satya Mallick who has been working in the field since it's birth on all the various aspect of Computer Vision and how you can learn it to break into the field of AI.

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:22 Satya's Background
0:02:53 What is Computer Vision?
0:08:02 What is Open CV?
0:12:18 Evolution of Computer Vision Field
0:14:35 What is Artificial Intelligence?
0:18:22 The birth of Machine Learning
0:20:26 The birth of Deep Learning
0:24:48 What is Machine Learning?
0:30:07 What is Unsupervised Learning?
0:34:10 How to keep bias out of AI Algorithms
0:41:59 The Deep Learning Mafia
0:47:09 The evolution of Deep Learning
0:52:26 What is GAIT detection?
0:54:15 What are the areas of Computer Vision?
0:59:30 What Programming Languages Do You Use in Computer Vision?
1:01:49 Where do we learn OpenCV?
1:04:48 How do I get a job in Computer Vision?
1:13:39 What is PyTorch?
1:15:49 Why GPUs are Better for Machine Learning?
1:19:17 How Algorithms Optimize Themselves?
1:26:14 How big are algorithms?
1:28:33 How do you design neural networks?
1:32:57 What Programming Languages do Machine Learning Pros Use?
1:36:03 What are the different Machine Learning Roles?
1:41:14 Deployment Methods for Machine Learning Models
1:47:40 How to share your work and get hired?
1:50:27 How much do AI engineers make?
1:57:28 How Computer Vision Handles Low-Light?
1:59:58 When will we have Self-Driving cars?
2:13:01 Links for Satya

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– EMAIL: [email protected]

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