Laying the Foundation for a Data First Organization



This is the first post in my series, Data Science for Entrepreneurs

The first step I recommend is to map out your business in what is known as a Subject Area Map. This is basically a diagram that you can use to refer back to when thinking about how your business operates and where data may help.

Now that you have your Subject Area Map, you need to prioritize which processes are the most important part of your business. For new businesses this is easy, the answer is sales. If you're not selling anything then it's whatever your customers consume from your businesses.

We will call this list your data strategy. You're sounding official already! Down the road as your business grows you'll want to continually be updating your map and your strategy.

With your strategy in place, you're ready to consider toolsets and ways to collect this information. In the next post, I'll explore popular options for collecting data.

See you back here soon!


  1. Ben, looking forward to this series. Do you have an example that exemplifies what you would consider a quality Subject Area Map?

  2. Hi David, in the video I walk through an example that I think is a good start. Of course, you can start with nothing but a napkin and pen but if you have time a good diagram can serve your business well for years to come. Let me know what you come up with!

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