Data Engineering Essential Training for Data Science

53m General Released: January 23, 2017

Approach big data with confidence by mastering the core skills needed to put data to work for your business. This course covers the basics of data engineering, system design, analytics, and business intelligence. Data science expert Ben Sullins explains how to collect and organize your data so you can deliver results that your organization can leverage. Ben starts by examining the modern data ecosystem and how it relates to running a smart and efficient data hub. Then, he shows you how to perform the principal tasks involved in managing, loading, extracting, and transforming data. He also takes you through staging, profiling, cleansing, and migrating data. Along the way, he provides actionable recommendations that applicable to data experts throughout an organization—analysts, engineers, scientists, modelers, and more.

Topics include:

  • Working with systems and schemas
  • Managing of a good data pipeline
  • Setting up an environment
  • Loading and profiling data
  • Testing quality
  • Adding data types
  • Handling missing values and inferred members
  • Performing master data lookups
  • Loading schemas and tables
  • Creating views

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