D3.js Data Visualization Fundamentals

Data visualizations are the most powerful way to communicate information. D3.js is an open-source JavaScript framework that is changing just how these Data Visualizations are being deployed across the web. This course will show you everything you need to start building Data Visualizations in D3.js and communicating brilliantly in the world of Data Visualizations.

The idea of this course is to bring together the worlds of web development and data visualizations. In this course I cover practical examples of building D3.js charts, working with data form multiple sources in D3 (including encoded data from an api), and pulling it all together into a single D3.js Data Visualization.

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D3.js Basics

  * What is D3.js and where did it come from?

  * SVG Objects

  * Drawing shapes by hand (demo)

  * Chaining Syntax

  * Using data to Draw with D3.js (demo)


Basic Charting with D3.js

  * Building a basic bar chart (demo)

  * Coloring your bar chart (demo)

  * Adding labels (demo)

  * Building a line chart (demo)

  * Building a scatter plot (demo)


Working with Data in D3.js

  * D3 support for external data sources

  * Working with JSON arrays in D3.js (demo)

  * Importing data from .csv files (demo)

  * API calls to get data (demo)


Scaling and Axis in D3.js

  * Data scaling explanation

  * Scaling data linearly (demo)

  * Drawing lines with Scaled data (demo)

  * Other scaling options

  * Axis explained

  * Adding an axis to a line chart (demo)


Enhancing Your Viz in D3

  * Grouping (demo)

  * Transitions (demo)

  * Interactivity (demo)

  * Adding Tooltips (demo)

  * Adding filter drop-downs (demo)


Mapping in D3.js

  * GeoJSON

  * Projections

  * Converting Shape Files to GeoJSON (demo)

  * Building a map (demo)

  * Choropleth Maps (demo)

Building a Business Dashboard in D3.js

  * Dashboard Design

  * Dashboard Layout

  * Building a Dashboard (demo)



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