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You are wrong

*This is a love note to my team that has kept me grounded for the years we’ve been working together. I love you all and welcome any of you to call me on my bullshit anytime you spot it. It’s time to talk turkey. We all feel we’re right all the time, right? So it […]

Basics of Presentation Design

I see a lot of presentations. In meetings, webinars, and conferences I am frequently sitting in a room or watching something online trying to receive some sort of message from another individual in the form of a presentation. Nine times out of ten, this other person does what most do and show slides that have a […]

How to search your Facebook posts

I’m a huge fan and user of Facebook. I use it for both work and personal reasons. As such, I tend to post a lot of information there that I would love to be able to later reference or retrieve. Unfortunately, this is not possible today, not even with Graph Search. I live my tech […]

My Job

This is from a recent assignment I submitted. I thought it was relevant and decided to share. Enjoy! ~~ Business Intelligence Developer Position My position is a Business Intelligence Developer, which means that I build analytical database systems, which allows business people to make better decisions based on the improved visibility into the measures of […]