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Data Warehousing | Introduction to the Pulsar Method

Data Warehousing using the Kimball Method For a long time now those of us specializing in the field of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing have used the Kimball Method for everything from modeling our data to capturing user needs. This is the method of Data Warehousing which focuses on modeling business processes into a series […]

New Course: Big Data Analytics with Tableau

Teaching and sharing my knowledge and experience has always been a passion of mine. Back to the days when I was coaching lunchtime workouts in San Diego to present where I enjoy regular speaking engagements at user groups and conferences. The latest way in which I want to share my knowledge and experience with the […]

Delivering WOW through Data

Tony Hseih, CEO of, wrote in his book Delivering Happiness that their first objective is to Deliver WOW through Service. In the book he described a parody of <a href=””s_hierarchy_of_needs” target=”_blank”>Maslow’s hierarchy of needs for delivering WOW. At the bottom layer you have Meeting Expectations…in BI this is like replacing the reports users already […]

Key Performance Indicators based on Earned Value Analysis / Management

Just had some ideas from class tonight regarding Earned Value Analysis (EVA). If you’re unfamiliar with EVA google it and you’ll find it is basically a way to measure a projects performance. Microsoft has a small ‘about’ page found here that might help as well – The three key elements of EVA are: Budgeted […]