Analyzing Big Data with Hive

1h 53m General Released: January 20, 2017 From the early days of Big Data, it has been a challenge to find ways that allow many different types of people and professions to work with the data, that was until Facebook invented Hive, which is a sequel language that actually processes and analyzes data in Hadoop. […]

12 Myths About Data Science

36m 5s General Released: January 10, 2017 In this course, Ben Sullins debunks 12 common misconceptions within the field of data science. Busy engineers, data miners, programmers, and other systems specialists who want to bolster their skills can benefit from Ben’s succinct, practical insights. Separate data science fact from fiction, and learn what big data […]

SQL Tips and Tricks for Data Science

Get Ben Sullins’s 12 must-have SQL techniques for data science pros—engineers, DevOps, data miners, programmers, and other systems specialists. Ben’s tips focus on practical applications of SQL queries for data analysis. Learn how to retrieve data, join tables, calculate rolling averages and rankings, work with dates and times, use window functions, aggregate, and filter data, […]

New Course: What’s New in Tableau 10

Tableau’s software for data analytics has completely dominated the market over the past decade and is now helping more companies than ever see and understand their data. That’s why I’m so excited to guide you through all the new features out in their latest version, Tableau 10. In this course, we are going to learn […]

New Course: D3 The Big Picture

D3 is an incredibly popular way to visualize data on the web, and it’s being used by many web apps you use regularly, as well as data journalist and data scientists. In this course, D3: The Big Picture, you are going to learn all about D3 at a high level. This is just a high-level […]

New Course: Tableau Quick Start

    Tableau is at the top of the food chain when it comes to Data Analytics. I’ve spent several years working intimately with Tableau as a consultant, trainer, and customer. I’ve seen the power that this software has to transform businesses and help them evolve in an ever-changing business landscape. That’s why I feel […]

Data Science for Entrepreneurs

  Data Science is changing the world every day. Brought upon by smarter machines and people realizing there is power buried in the data. In this course I wanted to share with people new to Data Science how to go about getting started. There are many ways this path can take you, and here I try […]