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What Data Pros Can Learn from Mr. Rogers

It was 1969. The US was in the middle of the Vietnam war. Money was tight and the United States Senate Subcommittee on Communications was holding hearings to determine the “value” of public broadcasting. The main decider (Senator Pastore) had been hearing testimony after testimony and was bored of the same tired arguments. By the […]

When to Tell Your Boss No

I played the role of “boss” for many years in my career, and I never liked hearing the word no from my team. There are, however, a few occasions where I found it not only acceptable but necessary. Let me explain – Being in a position where you’re responsible for another person triggers a primal […]

Data Science for People in a Hurry

  The thing is, every company already has a data science department, even if they don’t know it. In order to understand that though lets’ start with a definition of “Data Science” since it is easily one of the most confused and overused terms in tech. Originally Data Scientist was basically a statistician that could […]

More to come…

I know it’s been a while since I’ve written here, but I’ve been doing a lot of living lately and learning as well. Many things to share in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and hit me up on twitter sometime!   Ben

Elasticsearch Essential Training

Welcome from Elasticsearch Essential Training by Ben Sullins Elasticsearch has been widely adopted in search engine platforms for modern web and mobile applications. Combined with the power of Kibana—which can help to provide analytical solutions on top of your Elasticsearch cluster—this powerful platform adds the capability to answer complex business questions about your data and […]

HBase Essential Training

Welcome from HBase Essential Training by Ben Sullins …is now available on LinkedIn Learning: and on Apache HBase is the Hadoop database—a NoSQL database management system that runs on top of HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). Like Hadoop, HBase is an open-source, distributed, versioned, column-oriented store. Companies such as Facebook, Adobe, and […]

Python for Data Science Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

Welcome from Python for Data Science Tips, Tricks, & Techniques by Ben Sullins Modern work in data science requires skilled professionals versed in analysis workflows and using powerful tools. Python can play an integral role in nearly every aspect of working with data—from ingest, to querying, to extracting and visualizing. This course highlights twelve tips and tricks […]

Hadoop for Data Science Tips, Tricks, & Techniques

Welcome from Hadoop for Data Science Tips, Tricks, & Techniques by Ben Sullins Hadoop—the hugely popular big data platform—offers a vast array of capabilities designed to help data scientists deliver their insights. In this course, Ben Sullins helps you get up to speed with Hadoop by sharing a series of tips and tricks for doing data […]

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