Unlimited learning. Unlimited potential.

$ /mo*

* 1 annual payment of $

or $ a month if billed monthly

  • 4,500+ courses
  • New courses daily
  • Unlimited viewing
  • Learning paths
  • Course discussion forums
  • Mobile viewing
$ /mo*

* 1 annual payment of $

or $ a month if billed monthly

  • 4,500+ courses
  • New courses daily
  • Unlimited viewing
  • Learning paths
  • Course discussion forums
  • Mobile and offline viewing
  • Exercise files
  • Course Learning Checks
  • Course completion certificates
Team, department or organization-wide access.

Our business offering includes: All individual ‘Plus’ features AND

  • Dedicated group portal
  • Reports & analytics
  • Easy member registration
  • License management
  • Team organization tools
  • Single sign-on (based on size)
All plans include 128 bit SSL encryption

Frequently asked questions

How does a Pluralsight subscription work?

A subscription gets you access to everything on your selected plan for as long as your account remains active. It will renew until you cancel, which you can do at anytime.

What are Pluralsight business plans?

Business plans let entire organizations or teams use Pluralsight training. Business plans are used in small shops to large enterprises, including companies, studios, agencies, schools, government organizations and more.

When can I cancel?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. You’ll have access until the last day of your subscription. Again, your subscription will auto renew until you cancel. But why would you want to?

Can I share my subscription?

Subscriptions are for individual use only and can’t be shared between people.

Which mobile and desktop operating systems does Pluralsight support?

We support mobile operating systems for Apple, Android and Windows Phone 7; and Desktop App operating systems for PC, Mac and Windows 10.

How do course completion certificates work?

After a course, take a Learning Check to showcase your new knowledge and receive a completion certificate.

These are a great way to show your continued education and professional development. Show them to your employer or use them to boost your online resume.

How does a free trial work?

Free trials include 200 minutes of viewing during a 10-day period. You can cancel at any time.

After 10 days, your paid subscription begins. You can also start your paid subscription after you've watched 200 minutes.

Where has Pluralsight been all my life?

For over 10 years we’ve been waiting, trying to make that missed connection.

We missed you on the bus, the flashy mobile ad, at the conference and even that time your friend mentioned us. Don’t worry, we’re both here now. Your career will be glad you found us.

Talk to a human, really.

No robots, ridiculously long waits or obnoxious elevator music here — our support staff is made up of real people that you can talk to in real-time.

Empower your team.
Make ideas happen.

Arm your tech and creative staff with a different way to learn.

"With Pluralsight, I was able to learn at my own pace, on my own time. Pluralsight gave me the tools that I need to express myself creatively."

-Kyle Jones, CEO of Pixel Wave