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Software engineer - streaming industry, AZFPUG Manager, into growing veggies, Vintage VWs, Skateboarding, and cold beers on the AZ beach front properties.

Joined February 2009

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  1. Any AZ people know of a really good credit union? Looking for a new bank after this weekend's BS from

  2. Any AZ locals that can vouch for a credit union that knows how to bank?

  3. why does the desktop, after so many releases, still go into spazz mode skipping through entire playlist requiring a restart to fix?

  4. I'm finding it hard to believe that "in state" tuition at is $12,841 a semester. Do the math. Imagine out of state tuition.

  5. Arg! Let the ex have my built to spill tickets thinking I'd get more. Now they're sold out and I can't replace them. Lesson learned.

  6. Just saw on the news that a cop hit a pedestrian with his car and then charged the pedestrian with assault on a officer.

  7. hangry. Thank the unicorn i has banana.

  8. So now they put cheese on everything bagels at . I guess they didn't understand soy drink + no cream cheese == me lactose

  9. Phoenix area people, Cox or DTV for internet? I'm feeling out my options.

  10. I find it odd that I can't find any information on how to make android burst photos into video on the device.

  11. Pro tip: When needing to share a few lines from an excel doc via email, paste instead of attaching. Helps when searching.

  12. Bumming. Kids have been trying to play the all day and unfortunately everything requires the network which is down.

  13. Wild! Adobe San Jose office has a full sized basketball court! Wish they had a ramp ;)

  14. Hmmm… PS4 or XBox One… Deals don't appear that great for these but they never do.

  15. So many non calls in this Seattle game. Rediculous. Refs on the Seahawks payroll?

  16. When I'm not locked down at my desk I'm flying through the air any chance I can get.

  17. Arg! Trying to do a purchase with Paypal and wants to confirm a photo ID. Well, looks like I'm going to miss the damned purchase now

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  19. Nothing like paying $2k out of pocket for a sore throat. The Health care "business" needs the boot.

  20. It's nice to see insurance getting more expensive and providing far less. Not sure how that works out… Math doesn't pan out.

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