Tableau Training | Data Analysis Fundamentals for Beginners

Tableau Training

Learn how to truly derive insight from your data using Tableau Software’s powerful visual analytics and business intelligence platform.

The cleanest most accurate data sources in the world are useless if no one can see and understand them. In this tableau training course I go into detail showing you how to use Tableau’s powerful platform for visual analysis and business intelligence to do just that, help your audience see and understand their data like never before. You’ll learn how to connect to many data sources at once, enhance them with calculations and metrics, then display them using proper information design techniques. Prepare to become a Data Rockstar!

Here’s a preview of my fundamentals Tableau training course. If I’ve sparked your interest see below for details and links to watch the course instantly online.

Below, please find my fundamentals Tableau training course outline with each numbered bullet being a module ranging from 20-40 minutes.

  1. Introduction to Tableau

Tableau software is not a single tool, but a suite of tools. Tableau’s Desktop tool is the primary development environment and offers many new concepts in analyzing your data. This module will introduce these concepts as well as Tableau Software’s product family, taxonomy, and use cases.

  1. Getting dirty with your data

Tableau offers many ways to leverage your existing data architecture. Beyond simply connecting to your data source Tableau offers a rich meta-data layer for enhancing your data set. This module will cover how to both connect to and enhance your data sources to take full advantage of your existing investments.

  1. Show me the data!

Tableau goes beyond simply offering a few different chart types, it exposes every element of a visualization for you to control making the possibilities endless. In this module I walk you through all of the out of the box chart types as well as how to manually breakdown every element of them allowing you fine-grain control over your displays.

  1. Adding the intelligence factor

Often there is more to your data than meets the eye. Simply showing actual numbers sliced up by various dimensions are not enough to truly understand the message hidden in your data. Tableau’s calculation and statistics engine offers simple arithmetic calculations, string manipulations, date math, and logic statements (eg. if…else). This module covers how to create these various calculations as well as use the built-in statistics enhancements which can add great insight into the real meaning of what your data is trying to tell you.

  1. Painting the whole picture

Single data views rarely tell a complete story. Combining these views into dashboards is how Tableau lets you combine many different sources of data as well as display options to create the most immersive exploratory and explanatory views your users have ever seen. This module covers the basics of building dashboards including formatting and letting your users take control by filtering with actions across different data sources.

  1. Sharing your work

With your insights ready to be shared with your audience, Tableau offers several ways to accomplish this. This module reviews all of them and will demonstrate the few most common methods.


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