Thoughts on Tableau Conference Keynote #Data16

  Today was the Tableau Conference 2016 Keynote where they announced a new product vision and demonstrated many upcoming features. While I couldn’t attend this years conference, I wanted to share my thoughts about the upcoming features with you online. See below for the full details of their new vision and don’t forget to share […]

How to Analyze Customer Feedback

In this tutorial, we’re going to learn how to Analyze Customer Feedback is a key step in any good business strategy. From understanding customers needs to learning where issues might exist in your processes there is virtually an endless list of use cases for customer feedback. In this tutorial we’re going take a look at how to build a […]

How to WOW Your Boss with Tableau

  I’ve been an advocate for Tableau’s BI and Analytics software for nearly 6 years now. It has given me the tools necessary to help dozens of clients transform their businesses into data-driven organizations. The real magic of Tableau, however is that anyone can learn how to use it and transform data into meaningful insight. In this […]

How to Generate 50 State Maps in Tableau

Recently I feel in love w/ the small multiples types of graphs that show each individual state level metrics separated into a grid style layout. This isn’t new, and I’m not the only one that feels this way, but when I wanted to look into building this with Tableau I wasn’t super excited about all […]

How to Integrate D3 and Tableau

I love Tableau but sometimes, it can’t do everything I want it to. That’s when I typically turn to D3. By being a natural web platform, D3 allows you to create anything you can imagine. I should mention though that D3, unlike Tableau, is not for the faint of heart. The amount of code you […]