It’s Settled: One EV that rules them all!

Wondering what 10 YOUTUBERS would say is the absolute BEST EV to have if they could only chose one? First, lets talk about all the EV options that are out there today and why I chose this EV to be my one for everything!

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With so many electric cars to pick from in 2020, how do can you decide which electric car is the best fit for you and your living situation. Maybe the Tesla CyberTruck is perfect for your off grid life style and the battery range is perfect for you. Maybe you need a great electric car for kids because you have a family that needs to fit into one EV for your road trips.

Maybe its the Tesla Model Y or the Rivian, the point is, there are a lot of electric cars to choose from so lets see what might be the best EV to buy in 2020.

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