Hiring a Chief Data Officer with Peter Nettesheim (Align BI)

A Chief Data Officer is an easily misunderstood role. On today's show Peter Nettesheim helps us understand the role of a Chief Data Officer and what they can bring to your organization.

How to Connect with Peter:
COMPANY WEBSITE – www.alignbi.com/
LINKEDIN – www.linkedin.com/in/peternettesheim/
EMAIL – [email protected]

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:43 Peter's Background
0:02:53 What Does a Chief Data Officer do?
0:06:21 What is the difference between Risk Management and Data Governance?
0:09:06 How to work with Risk Management team?
0:15:15 Step 1 for a Chief Data Officer – Learn
0:16:19 Step 2 for a Chief Data Officer – Develop a Strategy
0:18:04 Difference between Data Governance Council and Center of Excellence
0:24:45 How to enable innovation and avoid catastrophe
0:26:24 How to deal with data silos?
0:36:24 What is Data Warehousing?
0:43:24 Data Warehouse Alternatives
0:46:25 Using APIs to improve data quality
0:50:19 Who authorizes changes to data structures?
0:52:32 What is real-time analytics?
0:58:39 How to reach Peter / Align BI
0:59:38 How do you define data science?
1:01:19 Outro

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