Becoming Data Literate with Ben Jones (

A key ingredient missing in many organizations today is how to read and understand data. Ben Jones, founder of, shares his insights into what Data Literacy is and how your company can benefit from increasing your level of it.

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References Mentioned in this Week's Episode:
– The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
– Hans Rosling: The Best Stats You've Ever Seen
– William Playfair
– Christoph Scheiner

0:00:00 Intro
0:01:20 Ben Jones' Background
0:05:46 How is helping companies
0:07:25 What is Data Literacy?
0:09:29 Overview of becoming more data literate
0:14:34 What is the state of data literacy today?
0:17:58 How to squeeze value out of your existing data technology
0:21:42 The data literacy framework
0:25:23 Enabling a flow state in analytics
0:27:08 The process for learning Data Literacy
0:30:19 Who benefits the most from becoming Data Literate?
0:33:33 Common charts to understand and ones to avoid
0:37:40 How the Data to Ink ratio impacts chart design
0:43:26 Why use charts in the first place?
0:48:26 Does animating charts help or hurt effectiveness?
0:56:11 Picking the right number of chart attributes
1:01:46 Outro

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