Make Real Sh*t

This is another rant from a Millennial that has been working in corporate America since the late 90’s. When I grew up there was a belief that you weren’t being lied to when heard things in advertisements and on the news. Then, somewhere along the line, things changed. And it became that any shred of […]

How to Make Location Aware Tableau Dashboards

One lesson I learned a long time ago was that we are all vain when it comes to data viz. Generally, we all care more when a data viz is about us. I’ve seen this over and over again at clients when I build the famous “me” dashboard which shows an employees relative tenure compared to others in the company. Of course, […]

New Course: What’s New in Tableau 10

Tableau’s software for data analytics has completely dominated the market over the past decade and is now helping more companies than ever see and understand their data. That’s why I’m so excited to guide you through all the new features out in their latest version, Tableau 10. In this course, we are going to learn […]

How to Embed Tableau Dashboards

Recently Tableau Public switched their embed codes to use JavaScript instead of an iframe. This is arguably a better solution as iframes are old and stinky and no one wants to use them on their site. However, JavaScript is even more frought with errors in my experience. So when I tried to embed a viz […]

Free 5 Day Video Course | Tableau Quick Start

Everything you need to become dangerous :)