How to Link Tableau Sheets

Linking Sheets Cover

Today on my live Data Geek Q&A session I showed how to create custom links between sheets in Tableau so you can control the user navigation. You can view and download the workbook below as well. Enjoy!

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What Data Technology Should I Learn?

Which Data Technology Should I Learn Cover

From my recent live broadcast, in this video I cover the following topics: Background on Data Industry Key Technologies in Data Data Personas Who Should Learn What Where to Find More Slides This is an embedded Microsoft Office presentation, powered by Full Transcript    Full Transcript – Hello, hello! What is up everyone? Welcome to […]

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Makeover Monday: Global Warming By The Numbers

Global Warming By The Numbers

In this week’s Makeover Monday I take a crack at Ed Hawkins wildly popular radar chart (link) showing how global temperatures have risen dramatically in recent times. The data comes from HadCRUT4.4 (link) showing global temperatures relative to the mean from 1850 – 2016. Ed’s original visualization was really great in generating buzz, and I […]

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Why Do Women in the US Work so Hard?

EU v USA Full-Time Working Women - Makeover

Women in the Unites States are some of the hardest working in the world. A recent article from the UK Business Insider made this point when they posted a chart by the OECD here (link) Their chart had great data but unfortunately was also full of chart-junk. This made it hard for the message to shine […]

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What Happened to College Tuition in 2010?

Avg Tuition Makeover 2

This week’s makeover comes from Online MBA Page in their article describing the growth of tuition for college in the United States. This article has some interesting points for sure, and the data is compelling. I suggest going to read the full original article here: Average Tuition and Education Attainment in the United States   My goals […]

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Excep Tip: VLookup + IF + IsError

VLookup Conditional Cover

We’ve already looked at how to use VLookup to return a corresponding value from another sheet here (VLookup Basics). Now we’re going to expand upon that and add some conditional logic to determine if a value exists in another sheet. Our example is looking up order numbers on a separate sheet that contains all returns. By […]

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