What Happened to College Tuition in 2010?

Avg Tuition Makeover 2

This week’s makeover comes from Online MBA Page in their article describing the growth of tuition for college in the United States. This article has some interesting points for sure, and the data is compelling. I suggest going to read the full original article here: Average Tuition and Education Attainment in the United States   My goals […]

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Excep Tip: VLookup + IF + IsError

VLookup Conditional Cover

We’ve already looked at how to use VLookup to return a corresponding value from another sheet here (VLookup Basics). Now we’re going to expand upon that and add some conditional logic to determine if a value exists in another sheet. Our example is looking up order numbers on a separate sheet that contains all returns. By […]

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Tableau Tip: Multi layered maps

Multi-Layered Map Cover

In this demo I show you how to create custom multi-layer maps in Tableau. This helps when you don’t want Tableau to draw other geometries besides what is in your data, but you still want to use bubbles or other shapes. Enjoy! Build a Base Map Make a filled map Remove all map layers Change […]

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Makeover Monday: The 21st Century Slave Trade

Human Trafficking Original Makeover

This weeks post comes from an article on CNBC about the 21 Century Slave Trade and a new bill passed (HR644) to help combat it. First I have to say how important this article is and that everyone should go read it before scrolling down. Here is the original link: The victims of the 21st-century […]

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Excel Tip – VLookup Basics

VLookup Basics - Cover

The VLookup is the most useful and powerful function in Excel. I don’t say that lightly. I’ve been working in Excel for nearly 20 years and have not used any other function as much or with as much utility and success.This tutorial is going to get you setup with the basics of building a VLookup. […]

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Tableau Tip: Conditional Formatting with Parameters

Tableau Conditional Formatting Poster 4

In the last post on conditional formatting in Tableau we hard coded values into our field to add our business logic to our view. This time, we’re going to make the calculation dynamic using parameters. The basic steps to follow when using parameters are: Create the parameter Use the parameter in a calc Show parameter […]

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Makeover Monday: Women in State Legislature

Women in Legislature - Makeover

  This weeks makeover comes from the National Conference of State Legislature where they show a map of how many women are serving in office in each state. This was some interesting data for sure! After digging in I decided to focus on the comparison of the % of women representation in state legislatures compared […]

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Tableau Tip: Conditional Formatting Highlight Cell Rules

Tableau Conditional Formatting Poster 3

I received a question from a student recently about how to apply Excel-like conditional formatting in Tableau. This is a great feature in Microsoft Excel in which you can highlight cell values based on a rule you setup. In Tableau however, this isn’t as straight forward. Here are the simple steps to accomplish this using […]

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Makeover Monday: From Millions to Billions

Millions to Billions - Makeover

This weeks makeover originates from Fleximize where they show how fast the top 21 richest entrepreneurs made it from millionaire to billionaire. The original viz is certainly interesting and offers great tidbits about each person. I really like how they coordiated all the colors and hover effects. Original (src) The thing I wish this original […]

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